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Irene Haggard is our "right arm".  She keeps the pots stirred and the pans washed. Irene is currently employed by Henniges Automotive 25+ years. She has 2 children and 2 grandchildren. 

Jill Brooks works with us and is becoming a fantastic pie baker.  She has enjoyed this as her second career, as she is a retired educator. A pleasure to work with and always willing to learn something new.

Debbie Meyer works with us as a pie maker and catering cook/help.  This also is a new career venue for her.

Karen Bonuchi is our pie dough roller.  After the dough is made she turns it into beautifully crimped  pie crusts.

Our senior pie maker/ teacher/ mentor is Bernice Nolte.  We have been blessed to have her work for us and teach us.   We have relied on Bernice to teach us dough making and pie making as she has been in the cooking industry for many years.  I was lucky to coax her out of retirement.

we rent bartenders as well.